GTA Server

Liste des plugins installé ainsi que de leurs commandes si il y en a :


Playerlist resource for GTA Network servers that gives a good-looking playerlist synchronized with the server. Also gives players the big map like in GTAO.

Just press ‘Z’

Object Spawner

Just press ‘F2’


Keybindings resource for GTA Network that provides a /bind command to bind keys to chat commands.


Resource for GTA Network servers that provides a way for other resources to save and load player profile data on the fly.

Admins have a few commands they can use:

/listprofile lists all variables stored in your own profile.
/saveprofile saves your own user profile to disk.
/loadprofile loads your own user profile from disk.
/clearprofile clears your own user profile.

Plugins plutot interresant

Admin and Moderator chat resource for GTA Network servers. =>

Freeroam teleport resource for GTA Network servers. =>

Gives players randomly colored names in GTA Network servers. =>

Visual indicator above player heads when they are typing in chat for GTA Network servers. =>

Automatically normalizes player names on GTA Network servers when they join. =>